Hong Kong woman slammed for ingratitude to Taiwanese rescuers

September 29, 2015 12:17
A member of the rescue squad lamented on Facebook (left) the attitude of Cheung (right).
Photos: http://www.ettoday.net, Apple Daily

They may have saved her life, but to a Hong Kong woman, the firefighters who rescued her when she was stranded while rock climbing in the face of an approaching typhoon were “garbage” and “bastards”.

The 33-year-old woman, surnamed Cheung, went with her boyfriend, a Taiwanese friend and a five-year-old boy to the Long Dong rock climbing area on Taiwan's northeastern coast Sunday afternoon.

They were climbing out of bounds, because the area had been cordoned off as Typhoon Dujuan approached. 

The typhoon ravished the island Monday night.

Cheung and her companions called local police for help after they found that they had been trapped by strong waves, Apple Daily reported Tuesday.

More than 40 firefighters arrived and spent five hours getting the climbers out of the area early Monday morning.

Local television showed Cheung warning the firefighters that she cannot be touched by water and calling them names after she was rescued.

She also allegedly refused to cooperate with the police when asked for personal information for their records.

Cheung also reportedly refused to undergo a physical check in hospital.

The woman was severely criticized by internet users in Hong Kong and in Taiwan for her attitude toward her rescuers.

A leader of the rescue squad wrote on his Facebook page that it was the first time in his career that someone who had been rescued gave the rescuers a hard time and failed to show any gratitude.

More than 100 netizens left online messages in support of the firefighters, some calling Cheung the “shame of Hong Kong” and apologizing to the firefighters on her behalf.

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