Guess who's offering a job contract to HKU's Billy Fung!

October 08, 2015 16:47
Kwok Shiu-ming (R) has has singled out HKU Council member Arthur Li (L) for particularly strong criticism after the latter denounced Student Union president Billy Fung. Photos: YouTube, HKEJ

A maverick businessman has offered an employment contract worth HK$480,000 to Billy Fung in a show of support for the HKU Student Union president after the recent controversy related to the university governing council meeting.

After Fung revealed to the public what transpired during the Sept. 29 HKU Council meeting, when pro-establishment members blocked law dean Johannes Chan's appointment as the pro-vice-chancellor, the student leader faced criticism for breaking the council's confidentiality arrangement.

Some people from the pro-Beijing camp even said that Fung wouldn't be able get any job in the future as employers would see him as a person who can't be trusted.

Now, to disprove such critics, Kwok Shiu-ming, who has various business interests and ventures including Man Fook Jewelry, has announced that he is willing to offer a two-year contract to Fung with a monthly salary of HK$20,000 anytime within the next three years.

Kwok said he was furious when he learnt about the personal attacks on Fung, saying that they were akin to what happened during the Cultural Revolution in China.

"Our society should not be like that," Kwok said. "Authorities are trying to bully an ordinary citizen. There must be justice in society."

"When a society catches an unhealthy trend, we need to reverse that with a healthy trend," the businessman told independent online media outlet SocREC.

Fung had informed the media about who exactly said what at the HKU council meeting ahead of the vote on Johannes Chan.

Despite the council nixing Chan's appointment in a 12-8 vote, the pro-establishment members suffered huge embarrassment as Fung divulged the excuses and explanations trotted out by them for the negative ballot.

Fung then came in for heavy criticism from some observers, including retired philosophy professor and popular writer Li Tien-ming, movie director Wong Jing, columnist Chris Wat and Council member Arthur Li.

Kwok, who is not to be confused with Sa Sa chairman Kwok Siu-ming who shares a similar Chinese name, has now hit back at the critics, calling Arthur Li “rubbish” and challenging Li Tien-ming for a public debate.

A man of mystery and miracle, Kwok had a PhD in Buddhism and founded an international exchange of Sakyamuni cultural centre.

Once a boxer and also a car mechanic, Kwok evolved into a businessman and launched multiple ventures. In 2010, he stood for election in the Kowloon West geographical constituency but secured just 91 votes, ending his ambitions of becoming an independent legislator. 

On a Buddhism website, he has been described as a man with a crew cut who drove a Morris Minor in the 50s playing Indian music and wearing a 20s Rolex watch.

Going by his latest pronouncements, Kwok still hasn't lost his rebellious streak.

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