Monkey menace continues in Tsz Wan Shan

October 30, 2015 14:46
A convenience store in Hong Kong had an unusual visitor on Thursday. Photos: Apple Daily

Tsz Wan Shan, a residential area in Kowloon's Wong Tai Sin district, is turning out to be quite a hit with Hong Kong's wild monkey population. 

After invading a basketball court on Monday and giving some anxious moments to the staff and students of a primary school, a member of the mischievous tribe has now targeted a convenience store in the same area. 

At about 1 pm Thursday, a monkey sauntered into a shop, helped itself to some bread and walked out nonchalantly, according to Apple Daily.

The animal, said to be a male and about two feet tall, then sat on a fence across the store and began enjoying his trophy, even as passersby gathered and started taking pictures.

The store clerk, meanwhile, said he was caught unawares as the monkey had sneaked into the shop quietly.

According to her, the animal had stolen some items from the convenience store even earlier. 

Local residents also backed up the claim of the monkey being a repeat offender, pointing to other incidents that took place recently.

In once case, a little girl carrying McDonald's food saw the meal snatched away from her hands, while in another incident two old ladies emerging from a supermarket found their bananas stolen.

An animal expert, a person named Hui Man-hon, was quoted as saying that the monkey appears to have got used to the idea of easy food as some locals may have indulged the animal in the past.

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