Woman shoplifter depicts how she hid 20 items in her clothes

November 06, 2015 14:09
A mainland woman shows off her shoplifting skills in a video that has gone viral. Photos: Sina.com

A video clip that depicts the shoplifting tactics of a mainland woman who was apprehended recently at a China store is doing the rounds on social media.

In the clip, the woman is seen demonstrating how she was able to stash away almost twenty items from a shop by wearing baggy clothes.

According to an Apple Daily report, the woman was caught while stealing some things at a supermarket.

An inspection revealed that the lady had 12 cans of Red Bull energy drinks, a bottle of cooking oil, two bottles of Japanese Sake wine and four cans of abalone concealed in her clothes.

Amazed at the discovery, the store manager asked the woman to demonstrate how she pulled off the trick.

The lady then proceeded to show how she did it, which was when someone decided to film the incident.

The clip was later posted online, and has now gone viral. 

Netizens commented that though the woman was looking a bit chubby with baggy clothes, no one could suspect that she could hide so many goods under her outfit.

Some commentators said they were left speechless after watching the video.

It is believed that the woman is a "professional" shoplifter, and that many supermarkets may have fallen prey to her in the past before her luck finally ran out recently.

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