Joshua Wong egg attackers get two-week jail terms

November 10, 2015 12:18
Joshua Wong (L) was attacked outside a Kowloon court last November by Li Wong and Cheung Ka-shing (R). Photos: icable news, Apple Daily

Two men who threw eggs at student activist Joshua Wong last November were on Monday handed two-week jail terms by a Hong Kong court.

The order came after prosecutors filed a review petition over a previous ruling that saw the two guilty persons merely fined HK$3,000 each.

Magistrate Eric Cheung Kwan-Ming said the two defendants -- Li Wong, 27, and Cheung Ka-shing, 33 -- appeared to lack remorse for their wrongdoings and that they deserve stiffer punishment.

The judge noted that Li had missed out on four meetings with officers regarding social service orders, and that Cheung was uncooperative with a probation officer, Apple Daily reported.

Given their uncooperative attitude, a community service order won't be sufficient, the judge said. 

Joshua Wong, founder of the student group Scholarism and a key figure behind the 2014 pro-democracy protests, was pelted with eggs last November as he was emerging from the Kowloon City Magistrates’ Court.

In August this year, Li Wong and Cheung Ka-shing were fined HK$3,000 each after pleading guilty to common assault.

But the prosecution sought a review of the ruling, saying the penalties were too lenient.

Magistrate Cheung said on Monday that the attack was premeditated as the two defendants had admitted earlier to preparing eggs in advance and waylaying Joshua Wong outside a court.

The defendants, who were transportation sector workers, said they were venting their anger on Wong due to the problems caused by the Occupy Central campaign.

The defendants’ attorney pleaded that the Occupy protests had split the community and that Li and his co-defendant had each suffered loss of income of around HK$15,000 during the period.

Magistrate Cheung did not accept it as a ground for leniency, and stressed that the court will not tolerate any violence.

A deterrent sentence must be imposed in order to discourage others from taking similar actions, he said.

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