Cross-dressing Chinese held in Japan for entering women's bath

November 10, 2015 15:06
The word "female" (left) is shown at the entrance to a women's bathing area in  Shirahama. A Chinese man posed as a woman after learning the view from the women's bath is magnificent. Photos: Apple Daily, https://www.wakayama-kanko.or.

A male Chinese tourist dressed as a woman was arrested in Japan after he entered the female section of a public bath.

Xia Liang, 36, was wearing a bathrobe, wig and makeup when he went to an area reserved for women in an open-air bath in Shirahama, a resort town on the Pacific in Wakayama Prefecture.

Two female guests complained after Xia began taking selfies with his smartphone, according to Apple Daily.

His ruse unraveled when police arrived. He was led away on suspicion of unlawful entry.

Xia told police he went to the women's bath after learning the view from that side was magnificent.

The officers found no photos of women in his smartphone.  

Xia arrived in Japan on Friday for a six-day visit and traveled the next day to Shirahama, about 70 minutes by rail from Tokyo.

Chinese tourists have been flocking to Japan thanks to a weakening yen.

A prominent Japanese economist said the behavior of some of them is hurting the image of other Chinese tourists.

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