Hong Kong govt to act after Taiwan bans certain sodas

November 13, 2015 15:26
An official of Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration (inset) shows cans of citrus-flavored Mountain Dew that the FDA has banned from sale. Photos: Sing Tao Daily, chinatimes.com

Hong Kong’s food watchdog said it will take appropriate action after its counterpart in Taiwan banned the sale of citrus-flavored Mountain Dew sodas, which are also being sold in the city, Singtao Daily reported Friday.

Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Ministry of Health and Welfare ordered the hypermarket chain RT-Mart on Thursday to pull all citrus-flavored Mountain Dew sodas from its shelves by the end of that day after receiving a report that such drinks imported by the chain from the United States contain traces of brominated vegetable oil (BVO).

An inspection found traces of BVO in the drinks and found that BVO was labeled as corn oil on the list of ingredients.

BVO, which is banned in Taiwan but not in the US, can damage cardiac muscle if too much of it is consumed, a joint international scientific expert committee of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization found.

The Taiwanese authorities did not find BOV in other brands of soft drinks.

As the citrus-flavored Mountain Dew sodas are also on the shelves of some large supermarkets and convenience stores in Hong Kong, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department said it will follow up on the case.

A spokesman said the department stated clearly in 2005 that no addition of BVO to food is allowed.

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