Passengers walk away from four-vehicle smash-up

November 17, 2015 14:46
Police investigate the scene of the accident in Braemer Hill. Passengers emerged from the ordeal shaken but unscathed. Photos: Google Maps, Facebook

It's not often people walk away from a smash-up unscathed.

But they did on Monday in Braemar Hill -- and they can thank their lucky stars.

The accident happened when a school bus cut loose after the brakes failed.

It plowed into three vehicles before coming up against a steel railing, according to Ming Pao Daily.

Police said there were no reports of casualties.

The driver was making his way down Braemar Hill Road when he lost control of the bus near a roundabout at the mouth of Tin Hau Temple Road.

The bus hit a white seven-seater van, a black sedan and a BMW SUV carrying the children of a film company executive.

Passengers on the bus and in the BMW were trapped inside the vehicles.

The other drivers called the police. 

Firefighters arrived and helped the trapped passengers out of the vehicles, shaken but unharmed.

Braemar Hill is a busy school zone in North Point with 10 international schools, public schools and universities nearby.

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