Eight-year-old HK girl enters Britain's Got Talent

November 24, 2015 13:13
Celine Tam can move her audience to tears. Her idol is Canadian superstar Celine Dion. Photo: Facebook

Celine Tam (譚芷昀), an eight-year-old cherub from Hong Kong, has entered the second round of Britain’s Got Talent.

Her rendition of "You Raise Me Up" had the audience and judges of the popular British television talent show waving their arms to the rhythm of the music. She performed the same song during the National Day reception in Wan Chai last month.

“Very happy, I am proud of myself,” Celine told the Sky Post when asked how she felt about entering the competition. 

She hopes to travel to England with her parents for the competition in January.

Tam Shun-sang, Celine’s father, has been teaching singing for 30 years.

He noticed Celine's talent when she participated in the amateur singing contest ESF Got Musical Talent four years ago.

It was her first time to sing in public, and she was just four years old.

To everyone’s surprise, Celine sang “My Heart Will Go On”, from the 1997 blockbuster movie Titanic, with such ease and confidence. 

It was almost perfect. Some parents were even moved to tears when her performance ended.

It is not easy to teach children how to sing, Tam said. That's because they have a limited vocabulary and experience.

They don't have complicated feelings, he said.

So in order to help Celine grasp the emotions in the song, Tam told her that her dad would die for her if the cruise ship crashed. The little girl broke into tears.

Tam would also rehearse with Celine to reinforce her confidence and help her relax right before the competition. He says learning how to deal with stress is important for children.

The Canadian singer, Celine Dion, is an idol of the Tam family.

“She is very beautiful and she sings well. My mom, dad and me like her a lot,” Celine said.

Was she named after the superstar?

Celine’s younger sister is named Dion, so when the Tam sisters performed on the same stage one day, the emcee introduced the duo as “Celine Dion”.

The gimmick always clicks, according to their father.

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