Disabled Yip Wing’s victory over DAB’s Quat was no fluke

November 24, 2015 14:00
Yip Wing says his wheelchair will not hinder him from serving the residents of his district. Photo: Facebook

Yip Wing, a wheelchair-bound candidate for the Labour Party, defeated incumbent district councilor Elizabeth Quat Pui-fan of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong (DAB) in Sha Tin’s Chung On district Sunday.

His victory in the district council elections seemed to suggest that voters agreed with the slogan “It’s not the wheelchair, it’s because Yip Wing can deliver” on his election poster, Apple Daily reported Tuesday.

Yip, who has been unable to walk since birth, mustered 2,506 votes, 130 more than Quat, and has risen from being a legislative councilor’s assistant to a district councilor in his own right who will serve his neighborhood in the coming four years.

He said he never thought he would come out on top and was prepared for a loss from the first day of his campaign.

“My mind was all blank, and I even thought the announcer mixed up the candidates’ names when he read out the winner’s name,” he said.

Yip thought his opponent might have been a little bit complacent and did not take the competition seriously enough.

On the contrary, Yip has been going out for long hours each day to ask for the support of voters.

Over the past two years, he said, he has attended to every case in person when residents sought help.

Yip was on the street again with his volunteer helpers Monday night to thank the residents for their support, and he was greeted by a lot of people, many of whom would approach his wheelchair to shake his hand.

He had a team of 70 volunteer helpers for his district council campaign.

“Although young people tended not to take my leaflets on the street, it seems they have voted for me,” Yip said.

He said votes from the younger generation have definitely made a difference in this year’s election.

Yip’s victory has gone a long way to show that a disabled person can serve residents.

He was arrested by police last year when he reversed his electric wheelchair into the glass door of the Legco building during a protest against the government’s proposal to allocate funding for development projects in the Northeastern New Territories.

He was released without being charged.

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