Woman blocks bus with baby trolley after being refused boarding

November 30, 2015 16:22
A woman refused to fold her trolley when boarding a bus in Wah Kwai Estate. Photos: Google Maps, YouTube

A woman attempted to stop a bus from leaving the Wah Kwai Estate (華貴邨) terminus in Aberdeen by parking a baby trolley in front of the vehicle after she was asked to fold it before boarding the bus.

The woman demanded that she be allowed to get on the Citibus unit, which was heading for Kowloon Bay, through the exit door in the middle of the vehicle, Apple Daily reported.

The driver, who has 20 years of experience in the business, rejected the woman's request.

The woman refused to fold the trolley, saying her baby was inside. She then stood in front of the bus with her trolley. 

"I just don't believe that you will crush me," she said. "Hong Kong is not kind at all."

Some passengers who were already on the bus got off to reason with the woman. They asked her to go away if she could not comply with the rules of the bus company.

After arguing for several minutes, the woman finally yielded and pushed the trolley to one side of the road, but she kept murmuring, "People in Aberdeen lack conscience."

A Citybus spokesperson confirmed that a bus was prevented to leave the Wah Kwai Estate bus terminus momentarily as it was blocked by a baby trolley and a woman.

The spokesperson said baby trolleys must be folded up before they could be brought on bus to ensure the safety of all passengers.

A bus driver said the regulation was laid down by the Transport Department and passengers ought to comply with the law.

Netizens have mixed views on the incident.

Some netizens said bus companies should have flexible rules for people who bring baby trolleys, especially in the district without MTR service. They said the woman deserves sympathy as it is not easy to fold the trolley while holding the baby.

However, others slammed the woman for insisting to get on the bus without folding her trolley. If the woman had difficulty in folding the trolley, she could ask people to give a hand, they said.

They also suggested the woman use a baby carrier or a lighter trolley that can be easily folded with one hand, instead of using a bulky one.   

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