A blogger shares how Airbnb nearly ruined his vacation

December 14, 2015 16:42
Airbnb is a handy app for booking accommodations, but if there is a problem with the room or the landlord, the situation can turn very complicated and the user is helpless. Photo: Internet

A blogger who calls himself Plato wrote about how Airbnb spoiled his vacation in New York earlier this month.

“Airbnb is supposed to be an icon for the booming sharing economy, but it is exactly this accommodation booking app that brought the worst memory of the trip,” says Plato.

Plato’s first stop of his North American trip was New York, where hotels are very expensive. Rooms on Airbnb are typically 20-30 percent cheaper, so Plato decided to go for the latter. He finally booked a two-bedroom flat near Times Square.

Right after he and his friends arrived in New York, the first message he got was from landlord Alex, who said he forgot to leave the keys. Alex arranged for them to go to his mate’s place, but the same thing happened there, no keys.

They talked to Alex and he found another place. When they got in , it was already 4:00 a.m.

Very much fed up, Plato wanted to cancel the rest of the booking with Alex, who refused as he claimed his unit was ready for occupancy.

After much bargaining, Plato only got half of his money refunded. He called Airbnb’s resolution center. After a week, he hasn’t heard any reply from the company yet.

Plato deeply regretted having used Airbnb.

“Had we booked a hotel, we would have been easily put in another room, and the problem would have been solved in 15 minutes. But because Airbnb is just a platform, and it does not own any hotel rooms, this cannot be done,” Plato says.

“Because property owners on Airbnb are individuals, when there is a problem, they typically have no plan B at all.”

Plato said after this terrible experience, he will by no means try Airbnb again.

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