Why some foreigners don't like to eat with Chinese tourists

December 15, 2015 13:08
Chinese tourists are infamous for their aversion to queuing, but after rushing to pile food on their plates at buffets, they all too often leave several meals' worth of leftovers behind (inset). Photos: Bloomberg, big5.china.com.cn

Chinese tourists’ bad manners have been drawing complaints from foreign travelers, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported, but the uncivilized behavior is being displayed at home as well as abroad.

While traveling on a passenger liner throught the Three Gorges section of the Yangzi River, some mainland tourists were seen rushing for buffet meals, leaving nothing for others, the report said.

A couple of foreign travelers on the ship found that no food was left at the buffet when they prepared to eat, while Chinese tourists’ plates were full, with food piled high, a manager with a travel agency in Chongqing was quoted as saying.

The two foreigners complained about the wasting of food.

With Chinese tourists traveling abroad in ever greater numbers, the question of why they behave so badly has grabbed global media attention, the report said.

It quoted Xu Hui, a tourist guide with a travel agency in Ningxia, as saying she saw many Chinese tourists in Thailand, Japan and South Korea taking food away from buffets after they had finished their meal.

She said she felt uncomfortable when some hotels overseas had to set aside areas where Chinese tourists could dine by themselves, because tourists from other countries don’t like to eat with them.

Zhang Wanjing, an expert with the Ningxia Academy of Social Sciences, was quoted as saying that travel agencies need to guide tourists to behave courteously overseas, especially when dining.

He said the government should impose penalties for any bad behavior.

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Chinese tourists’ plates are full, with food piled high. Photo: kotaku.com