Dog travels to Japan inside a luggage without owner's knowledge

January 04, 2016 17:18
The dog has been in the luggage for about seven hours before it was found by the owner in Hokkaido. Photo:

A Schnauzer sneaked into a suitcase and traveled all the way to Japan before the dog's owner found his uninvited companion seven hours later.

The bizarre incident took place on Dec. 28, when the dog owner left Hong Kong with his family for a leisure trip to Japan, Apple Daily reported.

He was boarding a coach outside the Hokkaido airport when his mother-in-law texted him to say his pet Schnauzer had gone missing in Hong Kong. That's when the man got suspicious and found his dog in his luggage, fortunately still alive and apparently well.

The tour guide suggested that he turn in the dog to Japanese customs authorities who would then send it back to Hong Kong.

The owner, who opted to continue with his journey and return to Hong Kong on Jan. 1, told his family and friends that his dog might have sneaked into the suitcase, which he then zipped up without checking its contents beforehand.

He said he thought the dog was sleeping in his mother-in-law’s bedroom when he left home.

Many people, however, could not figure out how the dog was able to get past Hong Kong and Japanese customs inspectors and made it to Japan?

The flight from Hong Kong to Japan alone was five hours and factoring in the waiting time, the Schnauzer had been trapped in the suitcase for at least seven hours.

“How could the X-ray machines and safety inspections miss the dog? The customs and airport security staff are either blind or retarded,” a netizen remarked.

An Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department spokesperson said it was contacted by a Japanese government official informing the department of the incident and that the dog was sent back to Hong Kong on Dec. 30.

Cheung Chung-chiu, a training director at the Hong Kong Canine Training Association, said putting a dog in a suitcase and taking it aboard a plane could be regarded as smuggling, and it could also constitute animal abuse as the pet faces the risk of suffocation inside a sealed luggage.

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