Bronze statue goes missing at Western Monastery

January 04, 2016 18:26
Police are investigating the theft of a valuable statue at the Western Monastery in Tsuen Wan. Photo:

A four-decade-old bronze statue has gone missing from a Buddhist temple in Tsuen Wan, prompting an investigation by the police.

A security guard at the Western Monastery discovered Sunday that the 2-feet-tall statue was missing from the premises.

The statue was found missing at around 4 pm, not long after four men dressed in monk robes had visited the monastery complex, according to the security guard, who bears the surname Chu.

Chu called the police for assistance and conducted a search on the visitors. However, as the search didn't yield any stolen items, the visitors were let go, Sing Tao Daily reported.

A preliminary investigation also did not yield any evidence to suggest that the incident was staged by the four men.

The case has now been classified as theft, and officers are conducting a detailed probe.

No one has been arrested as of the time of the report.

The stolen bronze statue is estimated to be worth about HK$50,000. It has been housed in the Western Monastery since 1972 following the temple's establishment.

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