Boy's foot caught in escalator in MTR Central Station

January 11, 2016 15:53
Ambulance staff take the boy (inset, in green) to hospital after the accident at Central Station. Photos: Wikipedia, Apple Daily

A four-year-old boy from the mainland injured his right foot when it got caught in an escalator leading to a platform at the MTR Central Station but escaped serious injury, Apple Daily reported.

The boy, surnamed Gao, was traveling in Hong Kong with his father and grandparents on a five-day tour from Beijing.

The foursome were on their way to Tsim Sha Tsui to visit the Science Museum when the accident took place at 11:15 a.m. Saturday.

The boy was reportedly standing in front with his grandfather, who was carrying a baby stroller at the time, on an escalator going down to the platform for trains to Tsuen Wan.

When they reached the foot of the escalator, the boy, who was wearing a pair of sports shoes, accidentally jammed his right foot in a gap in the escalator.

A safety alarm was triggered, and the escalator came to a stop.

MTR staff rushed to the scene and called police.

An ambulance and staff of the escalator contractor arrived in about 15 minutes.

They removed the panels of the escalator and eventually managed to free the child from the device after 20 minutes.

A fellow user of the escalator, surnamed Lam, who witnessed the whole incident, said the accident did not surprise him, as there had been many similar incidents in the past involving escalators.

The grandfather of the boy told reporters that three toes on his right foot were bleeding.

The boy was reportedly discharged from hospital Saturday night.

A representative of MTR Corp. said that apart from an intensive inspection conducted annually, all its escalators are scheduled for regular maintenance every fortnight.

The escalator in question was last inspected on Dec. 28, and it was shown to be functioning normally after another inspection by the contractor Sunday, after the accident.

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department said the escalator was found to comply with the regulatory requirements for the width of the gaps between the steps and panels.

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