TVMost to livid state media: You break our heart but thanks

January 15, 2016 19:38
True to form, TVMost co-founder Lam Yat-hei says Wen Wei Po broke his heart with its mocking commentary about his irreverent website. Photos: Facebook, Wen Wei Po

A satirical website is getting a dose of its own medicine after a pro-Beijing newspaper mocked it for purveying "toxic information" to young people.

But true to form, TVMost is taking it all in stride -- it even managed to return a few lobs of its own.

Wen Wei Po accused TVMost and its affiliate magazine 100Most of "ruthless fact-twisting" in an article under the pen name Xu Shu.

The article also ripped into Apple Daily after it praised the website whose trademark mocking of Chinese authorities is gaining public notice.

Xu wrote that TVMost is promoting vulgarity and rebelliousness among young Hong Kong people.

He criticized TVMost's reporting of Wednesday's policy address by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying as "ruthless fact-twisting".

It was the first time the website had caught the attention of a Beijing mouthpiece.

TVMost just came off a successful musical called TVMost 1st Guy Ten Big Ging Cook Gum Cook Awards Distribution. 

Xu cited a clip from TVMost News to denounce the internet media for using misleading videos and indecent pictures to smear Leung's speech, especially the part about "One Belt, One Road".

He said Leung was "horrendously scandalized" by an obscene picture which showed a TVMost male anchor naked from the waist up, wearing a bra pulled down on one side to show a nipple.

The image, a parody of Leung's supposedly excessive fawning over China's planned economic corridor which he mentioned 44 times in his speech, has gone viral.

TVMost male anchor Dong Fong-sing (東方昇), the naked model in the viral picture titled "One Clothed, One Exposed”, mimed “One Belt, One Road” in Cantonese.

Commenting on a song performed by a group of children on the show to satirize the education system, Xu said TVMost is trying to brainwash innocent children into becoming radicals and encouraging them to be disrepectful to their parents, teachers and elders.  

TVMost co-founder Lam Yat-hei responded on a satirical note, saying he hates Apple Daily but loves Wen Wei Po.

He then feigned a broken heart over Xu's commentary.

For his part, Dong said he is thankful for the affirmation by the state and promised to keep working hard.

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