Guangzhou sees first snowfall in century; 40 dead in Taiwan

January 25, 2016 15:39
Residents in Guangzhou take delight in witnessing the first snowfall in the city in more than a century. Photo: CNSA

The start of the annual transport rush for the Lunar New Year holidays on Sunday coincided with the coming of a once-in-a-century cold wave in China's southern region.

Temperatures in Guangzhou, capital of the southern province of Guangdong, dropped to as low as 1.7 degrees Celsius, ushering in the first snowfall since 1949, Apple Daily reported, citing bulletins from the Guangzhou Meteorological Observatory.

Some netizens who bothered to look up historical data found that it was actually the first snowfall since 1893.

“It snows in Guangzhou” continued to trend on social media forums throughout the day.

Despite the extremely cold weather, many city residents rushed to Baiyun Mountain to witness the snowy landscape.

While the blankets of snow added charm to the Pearl River Delta, it also brought inconvenience and hardships to migrant workers in the region who are planning to return to their hometowns for the Lunar New Year festivities.

A large number of flights had been delayed at Guangzhou and Shenzhen airports due to the snow, leaving many travelers stranded at airports overnight.

Train services were also delayed, while many portions of highways across the province were rendered impassable.

Meanwhile, Taipei also suffered a massive cold wave, with temperatures dropping to 4 degrees Celsius, the lowest in nearly 44 years.

At least 40 people died across Taiwan as a result of the very cold weather, many of them elderly people.

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