I'm a lesbian, maid on trial for sex assaults on boy tells court

February 04, 2016 14:01
The maid's testimony in the District Court Wednesday contradicted that of the alleged victim the day before. Photo: HKEJ

A 45-year-old domestic helper charged with sexually assaulting an eight-year-old boy at the home of his parents, her employers, over a period of nearly two years told court she is a lesbian, Apple Daily reported Thursday.

The Filipino maid denied three counts of indecent assault. 

Defending herself in the District Court Wednesday, she said she is a lesbian and never had sex with men and the little boy.

She told court she'd had two girlfriends since coming to work in Hong Kong in 2001.

Since then, she has worked for four different families.

She said she worked for the boy’s family from 2007 and maintained a good relationship with the family and didn’t think of leaving.

The boy testified Tuesday that in the summer of 2011, the maid looked furious and threatened to leave for good.

When he pleaded for her to stay, he said, the maid took him into his room and asked him to lie down in bed and molested him.

The boy said the maid would take him into a room and have sex with him weekly for 18 months.

The alleged assaults took place between July 2011 and March 2013.

On Wednesday, the maid denied all his accusations and said she has no idea why the boy would make up a story like that.

She said she didn’t think the boy is dishonest, but she described him as sometimes having a great deal of imagination.

The court heard earlier that the maid fondled the private parts of the boy and had sexual intercourse with him in the bedroom and toilet on numerous occasions.

The boy testified he had no idea what the maid was doing to him during those occasions but only came to understand he was having sex with the maid when he learned about animals mating. That was during a science class in school last year, when he was 12.

Hearing continues Thursday.

Maid charged with sexually assaulting eight-year-old ward (Feb. 3, 2016)

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