Missing localist leader falls in police raid on hideout

February 22, 2016 10:19
Ray Wong (inset) was arrested in a Tin Shui Wai hideout during a police raid on a public housing flat. Police seized assorted items, including cash, marijuana, a mask and dozens of Viagra tablets. Photos: tvb.com

A localist leader has been arrested on suspicion of inciting violence during clashes in Mong Kok on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Ray Wong, convenor of localist group Hong Kong Indigenous, was captured in a Tin Shui Wai hideout by officers from the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau acting on numerous leads, Apple Daily reports.

Wong, 22, was found in an eighth-floor flat in Ching Hoi House, part of the Tin Chung public housing estate, after officers broke in when no one answered the door.

A 28-year-old man, surnamed Cheung, was arrested for aiding and abetting a suspect.

Wong and Cheung put up a fight before they were subdued and hauled to the Tin Shui Wai police station, the report said. 

Police found a cache of chemicals in the flat, including ammonium nitrate, polyethylene glycol and silicon dioxide.

Firefighters and bomb disposal experts were called to the scene.

Also, police seized HK$530,000 (US$68,182) in cash, a small amount of marijuana, a stun gun, a baton, a mask and dozens of Viagra pills.

Hong Kong Indigenous, which confirmed Wong’s arrest on its Facebook page, said its lawyers are assisting in the investigation.

It said the cash seized by the police was donated by citizens and was part of a legal defense fund.

Wong had not been heard from since a Feb. 11 Facebook post, three days after the clashes, in which he said he was "not sure" what would happen to him and that it might be his “final message”.

More than 70 people have been arrested for suspected involvement in the violence, including more than 20 members of Hong Kong Indigenous.

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