Vegans perturbed over reports on lanolin-laced soymilk

February 23, 2016 16:49
Vitasoy suggests that strict vegetarians should consider buying soymilk products under the series PURE (top, right) and Vitasoy Go (bottom, right), rather than Calci-Plus (L). Photos: Facebook, Tony Ng

Hong Kong's vegan community is aflutter over revelations that a Vitasoy branded soymilk contains ingredients extracted from animals.

A netizen named Tony Ng wrote on the Facebook page of Veggie Youth, a local vegan group, that he was shocked to discover that Vitasoy Calci-Plus soymilk contains vitamin D sourced from lanolin, a substance secreted by sheep.

Ng said he made some enquiries to make sure that the Vitasoy Calci-Plus soymilk he has been drinking regularly does not contain any animal-derived substance.

But to his dismay, he learnt that the formulated product contains lanolin, he wrote, citing written replies provided by Vitasoy International Holdings, the maker of the Calci-Plus soymilk.

According to Vitasoy, vitamin D in the Calci-Plus series is derived from lanolin, which is a kind of wool grease.

The collagen in Calci-Plus Hi-Calcium Soya Collagen Drink (Original Flavor) is extracted from animals as well, but the company stressed that the process doesn't involve any killing of animals.

Vitasoy is said to have suggested that strict vegetarian consumers should consider buying soymilk products under the series PURE and Vitasoy Go, rather than Calci-Plus.

Responding to Ng's post, some netizens wrote on the Veggie Youth platform that their efforts to turn vegan appear to have gone wasted.

Currently nutrition labels on food products in Hong Kong only require that manufacturers state the nutrition facts of the products. It is not necessary for firms to give out the sources of the nutrition.

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