Woman's viral rant now becomes a rap song

February 24, 2016 19:23
A speech made by a woman at a LegCo hearing that involved Labour Secretary Mathew Cheung (inset) has now been converted into a rap song. Photos: HKEJ, youTube

A woman who vented her anger recently at a LegCo panel hearing as she spoke about the various problems faced by Hongkongers has now won even more fame and attention.

The reason: Her three-minute rant, during which she lashed out at the government and lawmakers over issues such as retirement protection and street violence, has been converted into a rap song.

After her speech at a hearing of the LegCo sub-committee on retirement protection went viral, some netizens used her words to create a catchy song that is now being shared widely on social media.  

The woman -- a person surnamed Kwan -- can now perhaps consider claiming royalties on the derivative work that was inspired by her speech.

Well, here are the lyrics of the new rap title that was composed to the tunes of a famous pop song called Hong Kong (香港地).

[Intro] 0:00
Today’s topic is about retirement protection. According to the government’s proposed so-called retirement protection scheme, the assets limit is HK$80,000 while applicants can only get HK$3,230 a month. As a resident who loves Hong Kong, I want to ask the government – are you kidding?

[Chorus] 0:23
We love this land. Sad or happy, alive or dead, it's our Hong Kong.

[Verse] 0:36
In a city with high prices amid collusion between businessmen and government officials, all wet markets are acquired by Link Real Estate Investment Trust. A catty of poisoned vegetables is priced at HK$30. What can people buy with HK$3,230?

The government spends hundreds of millions on incidental expenses.

Secretary for Labour and Welfare Mathew Cheung Kin-chung, who makes more than HK$300,000 a month, of course doesn’t know how difficult it is for people to make ends meet. If he knows it, he wouldn't have said mean words such as 'it is not so bad as [a construction worker] can make HK$16,000 a month'.

Many informal groups have proposed suggestions to the government on retirement protection but Chief Secretary Carrie Lam has rejected the proposals by saying that Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has never agreed to launch such plan.

When Leung was running for election in 2012, he said he will talk to the public with a pen and paper. What happened?

[Chorus] 1:20
We love this land. Sad or happy, alive or dead, it's our Hong Kong.

[Verse] 1:32
Frustrated by the government, Hong Kong people stayed on streets during the Umbrella Movement while students had to be taken to hospitals after they joined a hunger strike in cold weather. Did Leung listen to the people?

Lam said a retirement protection scheme without assets limit will lead to fiscal deficit. I can't help laughing when hearing this.

The government keeps seeking extra funding for white elephants such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, Express Rail Link and Liantang Boundary Control Point. It even bypassed the public works subcommittee of LegCo. These projects cost hundreds of billions of dollars. 

How come it is expensive to spend on people? Fiscal deficit?

Be honest. Bad government officials are worse than thieves.

In a society of moral degeneration, a policeman firing shots into the air is said to be acting within the rules. Police can freely beat people with batons, just like an extension of their arms.

Lawmakers can spread unconfirmed stories in LegCo - that someone (missing booksellers) took boats to the mainland and engaged prostitutes there.

I am worried that I will disappear tomorrow after giving this speech, and the public informed that I traveled to the mainland on my own volition. I don't see protection for my person, not to mention retirement protection.

CY Leung received HK$50 million from UGL. No follow-up.

Seven police officers beat a protestor at a dark corner. No follow-up.

Now-retired police commander Franklin Chu King-wai beat pedestrians with his baton. No follow-up.

Secretary for Development Paul Chan Mo-po hoarded sites [while pushing forward the development of the Northeast New Territories district]. No follow-up.

Timothy Tong, former Commissioner of Independent Commission Against Corruption, violated the commission’s rules. No follow-up.

Pro-establishment camp was found to have involved in vote-manipulation many times. No follow-up.

[Laughter sound] 3:03

To me, retirement protection does not only mean the pension but also a right to vote.

We want to elect our Chief Executive with 6.89 million votes but not to have a poor candidate chosen by the central government with only 689 votes.

I want to remind Leung, who might have forgotten his bottom line or has never got one, and many other officials, lawmakers and Hong Kong police, that there is something called retribution in this world.

Hong Kong people have no say at this moment but will see how all you fall in future.

[Chorus] End 

Woman goes off on lawmakers in three-minute viral rant (Feb. 23, 2016)

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