Jiangxi's Brother Sharp may be roaming the streets again

February 25, 2016 11:00
Youngsters pose for a picture with Brother Sharp, who has reportedly returned to the streets of Jiangxi. Photo: Baidu.com

Six years ago, Cheng Guorong, a vagabond from Poyang county in southeastern China's Jiangxi province, became an overnight sensation after an amateur photographer posted his pictures on the internet.

Netizens dubbed him "Brother Sharp, the most handsome tramp", for his good looks and rugged sense of style, Metro Daily reports.

Fans started hunting him down on the streets, and several fashion retailers sought to hire him as their image representative.

He never profited from his instant fame, however. He returned to his family whom he left 10 years ago.

Despite his newfound popularity, Cheng was still unwilling to relate to people. He remained careless about his hygiene. He refused to take a bath or change his clothes.

The local government later arranged for him to receive treatment at a psychiatric institution.

After leaving the hospital, Cheng returned home. But at the end of 2014, he disappeared again.

Cheng Guosheng said his elder brother might have returned to the streets of Jiangxi, and asked people to leave him alone.

Maybe, he said, that's just how he wants to live his life.

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