Brawl at Japan airport gets more bad rap for Chinese tourists

February 26, 2016 09:53
Reports of a catfight between two Chinese women at Narita airport prompted some Japanese to question whether their country really needs "uncivilized" visitors. Photos:, Internet

Two female Chinese tourists got into a nasty brawl at Tokyo's Narita International Airport during the Chinese New Year holiday, according to Japanese and mainland media reports. 

The fight is said to have broken out as a woman's luggage trolley accidentally bumped the person ahead as passengers were waiting at a check-in counter at the airport on Feb. 12.

According to, the trolley of a woman named Peng Qing, who is believed to be a senior executive with a Chinese construction company, hit a woman, leading to a quarrel. 

As angry words were exchanged, Peng is said to have slapped the other woman, attracting a crowd of curious onlookers.

The recipient of the slap suffered minor injury on her mouth, according to reports.

Peng left the check-in area after the incident but airport police confronted her later at the boarding gate.

She is said to have admitted that that she acted on impulse.

According to Japanese media reports, both the ladies' trolleys were fully loaded with goods following the tourists' shopping spree in Japan.

In online forums, Japanese netizens slammed the airport incident, saying the fight in a public place is another example of the "uncivilized" and sometimes even "barbaric" behavior of mainland tourists.

One commentator said that Chinese people may be rich in the way they spend but are poor in the way they behave themselves.

Another wondered who would be willing to work for people like Ye in a company.

Some people questioned if Japan really needs to welcome such visitors from overseas.

Mainland media, meanwhile, have reminded Chinese citizens that when they travel abroad, they are not only seen as tourists but also as representatives of China.

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