Localists meet with US consular staff

March 10, 2016 15:54
Ray Wong (left) and Edward Leung spoke for two hours with US consular staff at a restaurant Wednesday. Photos: Wikipedia, CNSA, HKEJ

Two key members of Hong Kong Indigenous were spotted meeting with two westerners thought to be staff from the US Consulate General, Sing Tao Daily reported Thursday, citing online newspaper Bastille Post.

Bastille Post and Sing Tao Daily are owned by Sing Tao News Corp. Ltd., chaired by Beijing-friendly businessman Charles Ho Tsu-kwok.

One of the HKI members was Ray Wong Toi-yeung, convener of the localist group, who was arrested Feb. 21 on a charge of inciting violence during the Mong Kok clashes on the night of Feb 8. He was granted bail with conditions on Feb. 23.

The other was Edward Leung Tin-kei, a University of Hong Kong student who was among those arrested for taking part in the clashes. While out on bail, he came in third in the Legislative Council by-election for the New Territories East geographical constituency on Feb. 28.

The two men, along with an unidentified young woman, were seen talking with two westerners, a man and a woman, in a Pacific Place restaurant for nearly two hours Wednesday.

The three locals left first, and the foreigners paid the bill.

Bastille Post reported that the language used in the meeting was Putonghua.

A spokeswoman for HKI denied she was present at the afternoon tea gathering.

Wong later confirmed to an Apple Daily reporter that the meeting on Wednesday was with staff from the US Consulate General.

He said they wanted to know more about localism, but they didn't talk about the by-election during the meeting, Wong said.

Wong said it was normal for the localists to meet with people from various fields, "except from China", Apple Daily reported.

Officers of the US Consulate General have allegedly been keeping close contact with local political groups in Hong Kong and providing suggestions to them, Sing Tao said.

Early last year, with regard to the government’s political reform package, they advised pan-democratic lawmakers to “take it first”, the newspaper said.

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