Youngsters increasingly prefer work flexibility to job security

March 14, 2016 11:33
Mobile apps aimed at freelance workers allow users to learn about prospective employers more easily and help secure the right deals.

A Harvard Business Review study has found out that among Asians born between 1979 and 1983, career ranks fourth in terms of what the people deem as the most important thing in life, marking a significant break from the older generations.

Spending time with family, personal growth and health were identified as the top three priorities.

Young people generally believe there is a lot more to life than work.

And a quite a few are willing to trade job security for more flexible work hours and better work-life balance, Hong Kong Economic Journal's youth portal, iknow, noted.

Some also consider freelancing to be a good way to experience different types of work.

The government's 2011 population census showed that almost 40 percent of freelance workers in the city were below 30 years in age.

The share is likely to be higher as of now.

Freelancing is also catching on with housewives, who can earn some money while taking care of their kids at the same time.

With internet technology, it has become a lot easier for companies to outsource work, including to people living overseas. This has helped boost the number of part-time jobs.

Mobile apps that aim to bridge the gap between employers and part-timers have been sprouting, including some that specialize in particular industries -- such as catering, retailing and marketing.

While these recruitment platforms feed on the freelancing trend, they try to boost their business by making it easy for people to search for suitable openings, and shortening the time needed for companies to find the right staff.

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