CY’s wife told airport staff to bring over daughter's bag: logs

April 07, 2016 19:32
Regina Tong (inset) is shown talking to airport staff. Security logs show she told airport personnel to bring her daughter's handcarry luggage to a restricted area. Photos: HKEJ, Apple Daily

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has gotten into more controversy after his wife was reported to have asked Hong Kong airport staff to bring her daughter's handcarry luggage to a restricted area.

This comes as more details are emerging from the March 28 incident involving the couple's younger daughter, Chung-yan, who was leaving for San Francisco.

Earlier, Leung Chun-ying was accused of misusing his office when he was reported to have intervened on his daughter's behalf "over some luggage".

In the latest installment of the episode, Leung's wife, Regina Tong, told airport staff to bring her daughter's handcarry luggage to a restricted area apparently after the younger Leung left it on the immigration counter, according to confidential airport logs cited by Apple Daily.

Leung Chung-yan, 23, who was in the restricted area, reported to Cathay Pacific at 11:57 p.m. on March 27 that "her handcarry bag was left at the South Hall security checkpoint due to her forgetfulness", one log said.

A Cathay Pacific staff quoted Chung-yan as saying she had been arguing with Aviation Security Co. Ltd. (AVESCO) staff for more than 20 minutes, it said.

“Leung [Chung-yan] asked us many times to claim her bag on her behalf from AVESCO," the log said. 

"She was aware time was running out [boarding had started] and she did not want to waste time going through immigration.”

"At 00:05 on March 28, passenger's mother returned to the site and confirmed the bag belongs to her daughter," according to another entry.

"Mrs. Leung said her daughter must board [the flight] with this bag."

AVESCO personnel tried to explain to Regina Tong that airport security regulations "require the passenger to identify the baggage herself" but Leung insisted her way, the log said. 

At 15 minutes past midnight, a Cathay Pacific staff "brought the bag through the north immigration checkpoint with permission from AVESCO and it arrived at the boarding gate at 00:23. Leung Chung-yan boarded [the flight] the next minute."

Apple Daily released an exclusive photo showing Regina Tong talking to some airport staff.

A previous report said Leung Chun-ying had talked to an airport official on the phone and asked for help with his daughter's luggage.

In a statement Thursday, Leung said he had talked to a Cathay Pacific staff on his daughter's mobile phone about how to recover the bag after the flight departs.

He said he did not ask the staff to call him "Chief Executive Leung", nor did he contact any Airport Authority official.

He said he did not abuse his power.

Pro-establishment lawmaker Chan Yuen-han said Leung Chun-ying should apologize if he abused his power.

Democratic Party legislator James To said the incident may create the impression that security at Hong Kong airport is not up to standard.

Leung accused of misusing power to help daughter at airport (April 7, 2016)

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