What happens when a woman mistakes a game character for a god

April 08, 2016 15:19
An elderly woman worships before a statue of Garen, a popular online game character. The photo is breaking the internet after it was posted on social media. Photos: www.planetminecraft.com, Sina.com

Mainlanders familiar with the popular online pastime League Of Legends are hitting the internet to give their take on a woman shown praying before one of the game's characters.

Reactions are decidedly mixed, with some netizens having a good laugh and others saying the woman acted in earnest and should be spared ridicule.

The social media chatter was triggered by a SinaGame post in which a grey-haired woman is shown worshipping before a giant glass-encased statue of Garen, a protagonist in the internet game, outside an internet cafe.  

SinaGame, a gaming information website under Sina.com, said the statue might have been placed there by the shop owner for good luck or as an attraction.

But the elderly woman mistook it for some kind of god and began worshipping it, complete with joss ticks and incantations.    

Photos of her kneeling before the statue have taken the internet by storm.

Garen is depicted in League Of Legends as a mighty modern-day warrior, not unlike the gods in Greek and Chinese mythology, except it's more sci-fi than historical. 

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