Chinese man goes shopping escorted by robot 'maids'

April 18, 2016 14:50
Robots stand by as their master picks out some gold jewelry. Photo:

Mainland China's nouveau riche grab any opportunity to show off their wealth, in the form of cars, jewelry, designer clothes, homes or even mistresses with movie-star looks.

But one tuhao (a putdown meaning rich but uncultured) has come up with a fresh angle, the National Business Daily reports.

Riding the wave of humanoid robots now appearing in the marketplace, he posted online photos showing him shopping in a mall in Guangzhou on Thursday afternoon last week.

He was accompanied not by his wife or another woman but eight "females" -- robots dressed like maids.

As he selected gold products at a jewelry counter, the robots waited patiently behind him with water, a towel and a coat in their hands.

After he paid and was about to leave the store, the attentive robots followed quickly behind him.

Astonished netizens commented that only rich people can enjoy such service.

One netizen said mockingly that he wondered if Wang Si-cong, the only son of China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, who controls Dalian Wanda Group, can get similar service.

Another said sarcastically that it is no fun going shopping with robots instead of real people.

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The satisfied customer leaves the mall accompanied by his artificially intelligent retinue. Photo: