Maths song featuring three HK students goes viral

April 20, 2016 14:23
A maths song from a secondary school has garnered more than 800,000 views on social media in one day. Photo: Facebook

A maths learning video featuring three students from Methodist College (Kowloon) has become the latest buzz in social media circles among the youth in Hong Kong.

In the video, the secondary school students are seen going around the campus and singing just four phrases: "side angle side, side side side, angle side angle, angle angle side".

The exercise was apparently aimed at explaining to people the conditions that determine two congruent triangles. 

The 5-minute video attracted about 800,000 viewers in one day, with netizens drawn to the simple and easy to remember melody.

The video begins with the trio singing "side angle side" in a classroom, accompanied by different hand gestures. Then they sing the four phrases repeatedly at different locations in the campus, such as stairs, roof and library.

In the end, they join other students in a hall, drawing crowd participation.

The three singers call themselves RHS - for Raymond, Howard and Stephen.

Netizens appreciated the creativity in the song, which is set to the tune of "Fly, Robin, Fly', a creation of the 70s German disco band Silver Convention.

The video was uploaded on the school's unofficial Facebook page MCKLN Secrets. As of Tuesday night, it received 33,000 likes and 14,000 shares.

People commented that the song helps them to remember boring mathematics rules.

But there was criticism too, with some netizens labeling it as a "brainwashing" exercise as the song had just four phrases repeated over and over again, Apple Daily noted.

The idea is said to have been conceived by a school mathematics teacher, a person named Leung Chi-kit, in September last year.

The school's principal, Wong Pui-yi, said she was surprised at the huge response to the video.

The three boys are said to have joined the video shoot voluntarily.

As the video has gone viral, the principal was worried that the trio might not be able to handle all the sudden attention.

However, the fears proved unfounded as the students are said to be coping well with their new-found celebrity status.

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