Nanning student creates online buzz with 'anti-smoke helmet'

June 30, 2016 19:14
A university student in China has come up with a unique solution to protect himself from secondhand tobacco smoke.

A university student in Nanning in China's Guangxi province has come up with an "anti-smoke helmet", offering it as a solution against second-hand smoke.

The young man said he came up with the idea after he found himself living with four heavy smokers in a university dormitory.

As he found it hard to breathe or get fresh air by just opening the door or turning on the fan, he decided to create his own ventilation machine, according to

The machine comprises a pipe, a mini fan, plastic trash bags and a paper box. The pipe brings in fresh air from outside with the help of a fan and delivers it to the user through a paper box attached to his head.

After he created the contraption, the student took pictures and posted them on social media. The images have now gone viral.

Some netizens praised his machine as "artwork".

Meanwhile, others wondered why the student didn't just change his room and get non-smoking roommates, instead of going through all the trouble and looking sheepish in the "helmet".

Translation by Chloe Chow

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The creator of the 'anti-smoke helmet' says he can now work properly without getting bothered by his roommates.
Some netizens have praised the contraption as 'artwork'.