Bank executive blames fatal accident on Ferrari brake failure

July 28, 2016 14:40
The Ferrari pinned a 53-year-old security guard to a post at the entrance of the carpark at The Waterfront, the court heard. Photos: RTHK, CR2

A senior Deutsche Bank executive pleaded not guilty to a charge of dangerous driving causing death, saying the brakes of his Ferrari malfunctioned and caused the fatal accident.

The court heard that the accident happened at The Waterfront on Austin Road West in Tsim Sha Tsui on June 9, 2015.

The defendant, Robert James Ebert, 49, was driving a black Ferrari 458 Spider to his office at the International Commerce Centre before he lost control of his car.

The Ferrari dashed into the carpark of The Waterfront, swept across three barricades and pinned a 53-year-old security guard, surnamed Koo, to a post at the carpark entrance. Koo later died in a hospital.

The prosecution said experts from both the government and the headquarters of the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari confirmed the brakes of Ebert's car were functioning normally when the accident happened.

Investigation revealed that the Ferrari, said to be worth about HK$4.5 million, was running at 70 kilometers per hour right before the accident, while the speed limit at the carpark was 30 kph, the prosecution said.

But Ebert said the overspeeding occurred after the car's brakes malfunctioned.

His lawyer told the court that five Italian experts will be invited to Hong Kong to defend his client.

The hearing continues.

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