Trump Tower climber adds to the Donald's notoriety

August 11, 2016 08:46
Policemen prepare to pull a climber into a window of Trump Tower in the Manhattan borough of New York. The man said he was seeking a meeting with Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

Donald Trump's notoriety scaled new heights after a man was caught climbing up Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan, headquarters of his election campaign.

Reuters reports that the man had been scaling the building for more than two hours using what looked like suction cups and a climbing harness before he was pulled inside through a window by police.

All this time, they had been coaxing him to give up the stunt and get inside the building.

Trump has been running a controversial campaign on bombast and fear-mongering and has been at odds in recent weeks with the media whom he has accused of bias.  

He operates both his business and his campaign from the swanky 58-story tower on Fifth Avenue where he also lives in a US$100 million penthouse.

The climber, who wore a backpack, scaled the tower's glass exterior, shifting several times in what appeared to be an attempt to get around the police.

Officers removed large window panels above him and several officers, some wearing helmets, stood at the windows.

Police had closed several streets near the building in one of the city's busiest areas.

They also put an inflatable landing pad on East 56th Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, a man discusses climbing the tower in a message addressed to Trump.

He wore a black hooded sweatshirt and long hair was over his eyes. He referred to himself as an "independent researcher" seeking a private meeting with Trump to discuss an unspecified matter.

"The reason I climbed your tower was to get your attention," he said in the video and then encouraged people to vote for Trump.

Police have removed a man from the facade of the 58-story Trump Tower in New York City.

Special operations officers could be seen grabbing the unidentified climber into an opened window on the building's 21st floor Wednesday evening.

Police said he is now in custody.

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