Police raid fake beer production center in Guangzhou

September 07, 2016 15:00
Police seized used beer cans and crates of fake beer products, some soaked in buckets of dirty water, at a residential unit in Guangzhou. Photos: Sohu.com, Baidu

Guangzhou police raided an illegal beer canning facility inside a residential unit with poor hygienic conditions in Huashan Zhen, Huadu DistrictSohu.com reports.

Used beer cans sourced from neighboring cities and towns were brought to the factory, where they were cut open by machines and the manufacturing dates printed at the bottom of the cans removed.

The cans were then washed and resealed after filling them with fake beer and printed with new manufacturing dates.

Many beer cans were seen soaked in buckets of dirty water when police officers arrived at the scene on Sunday.

On Aug. 30, law enforcement officers arrested three people at a residential unit in Conghua District, and seized two production lines and a canning machine.

More than 36,000 aluminum cans, 20,000 lids, and 12,000 pieces of ready-to-use packaging materials were found in the facility.

More than 26,000 cans of fake Budweiser beer, estimated to be worth a combined 100,000 yuan (US$15,000), were also seized during the raid.

The Sohu article advised beer drinkers to crush the cans after drinking the contents to prevent them from being recycled by producers of fake beer.

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