Girl group GNZ48 lets fans down at National Day show

October 07, 2016 15:34
GNZ48 might not have rehearsed adequately for their National Day number (inset), but their agent blamed the sound equipment for the mishap. Photos:, YouTube

It's the message of the song that matters, not the singers. 

But just the same the audience was far from electrified when the girl group GNZ48 performed at an Oct. 1 National Day show in their home city of Guangzhou.

Befitting the occasion, the mainland singing group chose a patriotic ditty for their number.

But the young minstrels, either for lack of preparation or lack of sleep, mostly sang out of tune, out of sync while others even forgot the lyrics, Apple Daily reports.

Netizens said it would have been better if they just lip-synced the song, saving themselves from embarrassment.

One netizen likened their performance to a horrific car crash, while another joked that their tribute to the motherland was “kindly noted but not well received”.

GNZ48’s agent blamed a failure of the musical equipment for the mishap, Liberty Times reported.

The group, formed in Guangzhou in April, was originally composed of 33 teenage girls and named after their home city.

It is one of the sister groups of SNH48, a Shanghai-based musical band which took inspiration from AKB48, one of the most popular female teen idol singing groups in Japan.

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