CUHK student arrested for taking shower room photos

November 01, 2016 13:11
Both the complainant and the suspect are residents of the all-male dormitory. Photo: New Asia College, CUHK

A 25-year-old research assistant residing at New Asia College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has been arrested for taking photos of a naked male student inside a shower room on the campus.

The suspect was caught by the 21-year-old victim who handed him over to the police, Apple Daily reports.

He would be charged with "gaining access to a computer with criminal or dishonest intent”. 

The incident happened at a male changing room on the second floor of New Asia College's Chih Hsing Hall.

Both the complainant and the suspect are residents of the all-male dormitory.

The complainant said he was taking a shower when he noticed an iPhone 6 smartphone coming through the gap between the door of the shower cubicle and the floor.

He immediately reported the incident to the security unit.

The case is now being handled by the criminal investigation unit of the Sha Tin police station.

It's not immediately clear why the suspect took naked pictures of the student. Investigators are also trying to find out if the suspect has been involved in other similar cases.

The CUHK New Asia College said it is cooperating with police investigators and vowed to strengthen security around the campus, including dormitories.

Chih Hsing Hall has 129 rooms, with each room accommodating two or three people, or bed space for 361 students in total.

The incident drew mixed reactions from CUHK students.

A mainland student surnamed Gu said he would not hesitate to call the police if it happened to him, reported.

Another student surnamed Wong, who is studying for a master’s degree, said he would be very much concerned if he was photographed naked as the pictures could easily circulate on social media.

But whether he would report such an incident to the police depends entirely on whether he has free time to do so, he added.

A sophomore college student surnamed Kan said he would not be too worried by the incident: "It's just a naked body."

Dr. Amos Cheung, a clinical psychologist, said taking pictures of someone naked without their consent is a criminal act, adding that it could harm the victim psychologically.

A victim might find it hard to accept such an invasion of their privacy, thereby causing them anxiety or depression, he said.

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