Police launch probe into reports of fake HK$1 coins

November 07, 2016 12:45
The fake HK$1 coin (inset, right column) has a bulging bauhinia pattern while its rim is smooth and without grooves
Photos: CNSA, Facebook/kamkamleung

The police department said its commercial crime bureau is investigating reports that counterfeit HK$1 coins are circulating in the city.

This came after Leung Kam-shing, convenor of the North District Parallel Imports Concern Group, wrote about a personal experience on his Facebook account on Sunday.

According to Leung, he went to buy food at several stores in Sheung Shui and Sha Tin on Saturday and received numerous coins as change.

When he used the coins to buy breakfast at a restaurant in Ma On Shan the following day, an employee immediately detected one HK$1 coin was fake.

While the employee believed Leung did not use the fake coin on purpose, Leung reported the incident to the police soon afterwards.

He said he had received the fake coin from one of the stores he visited the day before.

Leung posted a photo comparing the fake coin with the genuine article. It shows that the bauhinia pattern on the fake one bulges while its rim is smooth and without carved grooves, Apple Daily reported.

He also said the fake one feels lighter.

In the Facebook post, Leung urged consumers to pay close attention to the coins they receive from shops and restaurants.

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