Unlucky thief steals Samsung Note 7 only to see it explode

November 10, 2016 14:49
The exploded Samsung Note 7 (inset) was completely burned out. Samsung has recalled the fire-prone Note 7 worlwide. Photos: CNSA, Weibo

Call it poetic justice if you will -- or just plain bad luck.

A thief who stole a Samsung Note 7 from an internet shop in Anhui province saw his efforts come to naught when the smartphone exploded, China Times reports.

The phone was completely burned out.

The thief swiped it while its owner was taking a nap inside an internet cafe in Hefei, the provincial capital.

The remains of the exploded smartphone have been recovered by the police but the culprit is nowhere to be found.

As expected, netizens took to the internet to play up the incident, some with a dry sense of humor.

They said it was Samsung's latest anti-hacker technology that did the thief in.

Others joked that the smartphone owner had thief-proofed the device to make it self-destruct.

Another said the thief had not been paying attention to the news.

Samsung has recalled the Note 7 worldwide precisely for unexpectedly catching fire.

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