'Food poisoning' hits 12 diners at Dan Ryan's restaurant in TST

November 29, 2016 14:50
Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill said it was the first time that such cases of suspected food poisoning happened at the restaurant. Photo: Openrice.com

A Thanksgiving dinner at Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui turned into an upsetting evening for at least 12 guests who reported symptoms of food poisoning and were sent to the doctor last Thursday.

The diners, aged two to 44, suffered abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, after eating the US-stye restaurant's Thanksgiving dinner set, which included grilled turkey, apple pie and pumpkin pie, Apple Daily reports.

They were sent home after their condition stabilized. None of the patients required hospitalization, the report said.

The outlet's manager said staff suspected some items of the dinner set could have been contaminated.

The turkey and pumpkin pie had been taken off the menu, although the apple pie was only being held off temporarily.

The manager described the incident as shocking, considering that nothing like it had ever happened at the restaurant since it started serving the festive set more than 20 years ago.

The restaurant stressed that it has always strictly maintained hygiene in preparing and handling food, adding that health inspectors have never recommended extra cleaning effort during their regular inspections.

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) is looking into the case and has notified the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

In another case, the CHP announced on Monday an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis at the Kentville Kindergarten in Kowloon Tong, news website hk01.com reported.

At least 23 schoolchildren were affected, including 16 boys and seven girls aged four to five.

Cases of vomiting and diarrhea had been reported at the school since Nov. 13. At least 16 of the schoolchildren had consulted their doctors, but none of them required hospitalization.

All the children were now in stable condition, but the CHP has sent officers to investigate.

The center is said to have proposed several measures to fight the outbreak at the school, including complete disinfection, and procedures for handling cases of gastroenteritis.

A CHP report noted high activity levels of coughing, diarrhea, and possible cases of hand-foot-and-mouth disease in kindergartens from Nov. 14 to 18.

The percentage of kindergartens reporting cases of fever remained normal, while cases of diarrhea and vomiting rose to 16.36 percent from 12.73 percent during the period.

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