Mother-daughter duo robbed during hiking trip in Sai Kung

February 22, 2017 11:54
A mother and her daughter fell prey to a robber Monday after they set out hiking from Sam Fai Tin in Sai Kung. Image credits:, baidu

Two women, a mother and her daughter, were robbed at knifepoint as they were walking along a mountain path in Sai Kung this week, the second such incident involving female hikers in the city in recent days.

According to Ming Pao Daily, a mother and daughter had a harrowing experience after they set out hiking from Sam Fai Tin in Sai Kung on Monday.

As they were walking, a masked man, wielding a knife, suddenly appeared before them and demanded that the women hand over the valuables they had on them.

Shocked and frightened, the mother-daughter duo handed over their necklaces, bracelets, earrings and mobile phones and also some HK$300 in cash that they were carrying.

The robber seized the valuables and fled from the scene without harming the women.  

The victims later filed a report with the police about the incident. According to them, the robber spoke in Putonghua.

The police dispatched a number of officers to the mountains to search for the suspect but didn't meet with success, news website reports.

No one has been arrested so far.

The incident marked the second robbery in two weeks involving female hikers in Hong Kong.

Last week, a woman reported to the police that she was robbed by a Putonghua-speaking man at the Eagle's Nest nature trail in Lion Rock Country Park.

In December last year, there were two robberies in the same area.

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