HK population tops 7.37 mln; gender imbalance worsens

February 28, 2017 13:44
Hong Kong has seen a rise in its population along with continued gender imbalance. Photo: CNSA

Hong Kong's population is estimated to have crossed 7.37 million by the end of 2016, representing an increase of 0.9 percent from the level a year ago, according to provisional government data.

Releasing the findings of a by-census conducted last year, the Census and Statistics Department said on Monday that the working population stood at 3.76 million, compared with 3.37 million in 2006.

Overall, the gender imbalance situation continued to worsen as the margin between the male and female population widened.

In 2016, there were 3.39 million males in Hong Kong, up from 3.27 million in 2006. However, the number of females has gone up to nearly 3.99 million from 3.59 million a decade ago.

Excluding the number of female domestic helpers, there were only 925 males, down from 961 a decade ago, for every 1,000 females in 2016.

The gender imbalance has led to an increasing number of cross-border marriages, with more and more Hong Kong women seeking husbands from mainland China.

There was a local female in one of every three cross-border marriages last year. That compares with a figure of one Hong Kong woman in every 20 such alliances ten years ago.

The number of unmarried women aged between 45 and 49 has surged by 30 percent from 2006 to nearly 50,000 last year. Almost half of this group of women posses tertiary education qualifications, Sing Tao Daily reports.

The median age of Hong Kong's population has increased from 39.6 years in 2006 to 43.4 last year, while the number of people aged 65 or above has passed the million mark in 2016 to 1.16 million.

Seniors now make up 16 percent of the entire population in Hong Kong, up by four percentage points when compared to the level in 2006.

Leslie Tang Wai-kong, Commissioner for Census and Statistics, said Hong Kong's population pyramid has now taken a "vase shape", suggesting a relatively large number of middle-aged people.

The official predicts huge challenges for the city as the number of old people is expected to increase substantially in about 30 years' time.

Among other findings, the survey showed that median individual income was up 9.6 percent in ten years to HK$15,000, while the family income median has gone up by 45 percent to HK$25,000.

The median monthly household rent has almost doubled to HK$10,000 in ten years.

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