John Tsang: My wish is for Hong Kong to stay hopeful

March 27, 2017 12:53
John Tsang acknowledges supporters. He said Hong Kong should stay hopeful and keep on dreaming. Photo: Facebook

Despite his high popularity, former financial secretary John Tsang only secured 365 votes from the 1,194 members of the Election Committee and was defeated by his key rival, former chief secretary Carrie Lam, in Sunday’s chief executive election.

Tsang admitted that he had hoped for a last-minute comeback, just like what Spanish football club Barcelona did in a game against Paris Saint-Germain earlier this month, but that did not happen.

Still, quoting the bible, he said “I have fought the good fight.”

He added: "No matter how well your team performs, how much support there is from the fans, or how the team keeps scoring, there is no guarantee of winning a match.”

Asked if there was any “foul play” or “bad call”, Tsang replied that such things happen in every game.

That said, he stressed that there was no evidence Beijing had interfered in the election as widely suspected and there was no reason for him to believe in such an allegation.

He called the loss “dusk” of his career as a civil servant for more than 30 years but “dawn” for Hong Kong.

Tsang urged his former colleagues in the civil service to serve the public with the most thorough thinking, the highest efficiency and the most loyal attitude.

He said the loss was only on his part but not Hong Kong's.

For those who have been supporting him, Tsang hoped they will not be beaten down by disappointment.

If people can realize the value of unity and their passionate love for Hong Kong from the election, what they have gained is actually far more than what they have lost, he said.

Tsang said one of the reasons he decided to join the race is he did not want to see more Hongkongers emigrate and he still doesn’t because Hong Kong is really a good place in which to live.

“Do not lose heart in Hong Kong,” he said.

"Stay hopeful and keep on dreaming. One day, the dream may come true,” Tsang said.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on March 27

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