Selfie-obssesed movie fans warned off 'Chi Ming bridge'

March 29, 2017 15:25
Citizens are being warned not to undertake risky activities on 'Chi Ming bridge', popularized in the movie Love In a Puff (inset left). Photos: Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube

The fire services department is warning movie fans of the dangers on "Chi Ming bridge" in Kowloon Bay after a sharp increase in reports of risky activities.

The bridge has been named after the main character in the movie Love In A Puff starring Shawn Yue and Miriam Yeung.

Since it was featured in the movie, the flyover has been a popular site for selfies and other stunts, news website reports.

Nip Yuen-fung, chairperson of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department Staffs General Association, said the visitors' antics atop the flyover also endanger people down below.

Nip said the fire department has been called to the site many times regarding dangerous acts by citizens, adding the deployment means fewer fire trucks for other emergencies.

The flyover has become so famous it is searchable on Google map simply as “Chi Ming bridge”.

It has been frequented by fans as a hotspot for social media selfies.

As a result, the number of "rescues" by the fire department has markedly increased, according to Headline Daily.

Pang Ho-cheung, the movie's director, Yeung and Yue have called on fans not to put themselves and others in danger.

Tris Kee, assistant professor in the University of Hong Kong’s faculty of architecture, said the pedestrian bridge was built during the 1950s to 1970s, reflecting the industrial boom at the time with its unique design.

Kee said most flyovers are designed by architects and not by designers, hence they are typically not aesthetically attractive.

However, the flyover in Wai Yip Street is an exception.

The rounded top of the structure is good for sheltering from the rain and the windows are carefully positioned to prevent accidents.

The regularity of the windows creates a nice pinhole effect when sunlight penetrates the structure from the sides, which could be one of the reasons for its popularity, Kee said.

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