QR codes come into use for wedding cash gifts in China

April 26, 2017 14:15
Forgot your cash envelope for the newly weds? No worry, just scan a QR code! This is what guests were reportedly told at a wedding in Beijing last weekend. Photo: WeChat

The application range of QR codes just keeps getting wider in China.

For Chinese people, giving cash gifts in red envelopes to newly-weds is a centuries-long tradition. But it appears the practice is about to get subverted as QR codes are being brought into the picture.

As QR codes, which are square-shaped versions of bar codes and stand for Quick Response Code, have become a part of everyday life for hundreds of millions of Chinese people, a wedding party has devised a new interesting application for the codes.

A person wrote on WeChat that at a wedding he attended in Beijing on Saturday, guests were informed at the reception that if anyone forgot to bring red envelopes with them, they can offer their cash gifts by the scanning a QR code that is attached to a badge worn by a bridesmaid.

In the social media post, the wedding guest wrote that he noticed that the bride’s mother was not too happy about the QR code way of receiving wedding gifts and told the bridesmaid to stop doing it.

But the bridesmaid is said to have responded that the plan was made only after getting the consent of the couple and that the initiative should not be construed as making blatant requests to guests.

The post spurred wide discussions among netizens in China, with people offering various reactions.

Some commentators said it's the thoughtfulness, not the form, that matters when it comes to wedding gifts.

A netizen remarked that the bridesmaid seemed really "dedicated" to playing her role.

Another person said in a sarcastic tone that it's not surprising that the QR code upset the bride's mother, given that it would be difficult for her to access the money that goes directly to the bride's bank account in electronic form.

If replacing cash gifts for a wedding with QR code is not avant-garde enough, try this-Metro Daily reports that a street beggar in Shenzhen was spotted earlier using QR code to accept e-donations from passersby.

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