Protesters force scrapping of Guangdong incinerator plant

May 11, 2017 12:19
Thousands of villagers, students and workers protest against a plan to build an incinerator plant in Guangdong (left photo). Police used tear gas and batons to beat protesters. Photo: Radio Free Asia, Facebook

Authorities in Qingyuan city in Guangdong province have canceled a planned incinerator plant after days of mass protests.

Residents of Feilaixia township began the protest on Sunday, accusing the local government of indifference to their demands to have the project scrapped, Apple Daily reports.

The proposed incinerator was to be built in Shili village, about five kilometers from the town center.

Clashes erupted after thousands of villagers joined students and market workers in the downtown area on Sunday night.

Police fired tear gas into the crowds and used batons to beat protesters, according to Radio Free Asia.

Hundreds of people have been arrested since Tuesday night.

But the move by the police failed to deter the protesters, who are worried the plant will cause serious pollution.

The protesters criticized the government for not conducting public consultations before making the decision to build the project.

On Wednesday noon, as the protest escalated, the city government announced that it had decided to drop the plan.

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