HSBC, Hang Seng back down on cash deposit machine disputes

October 06, 2017 12:43
The customers said Hang Seng Bank and HSBC at first refused to return the missing sum or review CCTV clips from the cash deposit machines. Photo: Internet

Two customers who suffered a combined loss of HK$20,000 from malfunctioning cash deposit machines (CDMs) operated by HSBC and Hang Seng Bank got their money back.

The two said the banks at first refused to make compensation or allow them to review CCTV clips, leaving them with no choice but to call the police, Apple Daily reports.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) said it has received 21 complaints about CDMs in the first nine months, up 17 percent from 2016 when 18 cases were recorded.

A victim, surnamed Chan, said he visited a Hang Seng Bank CDM inside the Tsim Sha Tsui East MTR station at around 9 p.m. on August 16. He deposited HK$13,700, consisting of 100 and 1,000 notes, into the machine.

The machine appeared to have malfunctioned and the on-screen instructions said he should contact a bank staff. Chan called the number immediately and left after he was told that the money will be confirmed later and returned to him.

Chan received a letter from the bank on Sept. 21, saying that only HK$3,200 had been received by the machine. The bank said it will return the amount.

When Chan asked the bank to go through CCTV footage, his request was denied.

Chan reported the case to the police and the case was classified as a dispute. 

An HSBC customer, surnamed Tsui, encountered similar problems at an HSBC machine at Leung King Estate in Tuen Mun on Sept. 6.

After she deposited HK$13,000, the machine returned a HK$1,000 banknote and the remaining HK$12,000 was not recorded as deposited.

After contacting HSBC multiple times, she was told twice on Sept. 11 and 28 that 24 pieces of HK$500 notes were returned to her and will not be refunded.

Tsui also requested that CCTV footage be examined. She said a bank staff told her that the missing sum was taken by another customer after her. Tsui called the police and the case was classified as a theft.

A spokesperson from HSBC said they have apologised to the customers, adding the bank will cooperate fully with police investigations.

Tsui later said the bank had repaid her the missing sum.

A Hang Seng Bank spokesperson said that if a customer finds a disparity in the amount of cash they have deposited, they should not hesitate to contact the bank.

According to Apple Daily, Hang Seng Bank has decided to return the missing sum to Chan.

The HKMA said it has clear guidelines on the handling of complaints and problems regarding the amount of cash deposited in the event of disputes.

If a customer wants to confirm and compare the information, the bank should try its best to facilitate the request and respond to complaints as soon as possible.

The HKMA said it has looked into all 39 complaints relating to CDMs in the past two years.

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