Israeli startup uses AI to predict risks at industrial plants

October 13, 2017 10:14
Precognize helps industrial plants prevent problems and damage with an AI-based system that can read data collected from sensors. Image: Times of Israel /Precognize

There has been much discussion on how artificial intelligence (AI) can help create a better world. Among the various startups that are involved in such technologies is Israel-based Precognize, which is applying its knowhow to detect dangers in industrial facilities and send out warnings in a preventive way.

By collecting vast amounts of data received from thousands of sensors installed around utilities or manufacturing plants, the predictive maintenance technology developed by Precognize can translate raw information into concrete early alerts to reduce or altogether prevent any damage, the Times of Israel reports.

Combining data analysis and system engineering skills and using a visual interface, Precognize claims it can aggregate a tremendous amount of data, filter out the noises and present a clear picture of the functioning of a facility.

Because very few companies are doing this, Precognize CEO and founder Chen Linchevsky said he doesn’t see much competition at the moment.

In late 2016, the startup secured US$2 million of venture capital funds from Maverick TLV. The company's major clients include German chemicals giant BASF and Israel Electric Corp.