Startup Council showcases 7 IoT firms under STARS program

October 20, 2017 15:46
Hong Kong Startup Council hosted a Demo Day on Thursday to help seven IoT firms make pitches to potential investors, Photo: FHKI

Hong Kong Startup Council on Thursday hosted an event that saw seven startup members under the agency's STARS Programme showcase their products, technologies and services.

During the Demo Day, the firms gave presentations and promoted their businesses to an audience comprising members of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) as well as startup funds and other investors.

The event helped the startups successfully secure expressions of interest from potential investors, involving sums of HK$10 million and more, according to a statement from the Council, which was established last year by the FHKI.

The main theme was Internet of Things (IoT) this time. Among those that expressed investment interest were startup funds and professional investors.

Among the seven start-ups whose portfolio includes IoT-related projects, two of them are involved in initiatives related to baby care while one is focusing on pet care.

Peacify Ltd., one of the entities, has created a smart sock that gathers data about the baby’s oxygen level, heart rate, temperature, etc., and sends it to a parent's mobile phone.

Another firm, Bonnect (HK) Ltd., focuses on baby feeding IoT solutions, with products that record and analyze baby diet and growth patterns. 

Among others, aniWear employs AI technology to monitor pet physical well-being. A sensor collects health and wellness data and uses signal processing and machine learning to turn data into actionable alerts that pet owners can receive on their mobile devices.

Other startups are involved in smart sport headphones, wireless music streaming solutions, AR- enabled smart glass, etc.

"The STARS Programme is designed to provide up-and-coming startups a helping hand in developing operational skills and practical experience necessary to accelerate business growth. It also helped them to build up their personal and business networks as well," Council Chairman Jack Yeung said in the statement.

"On the other hand, the Programme also fosters the connection between startups and relevant industries and investors, particularly the latter where investors would be able to help the startups in commercializing their innovative ideas and technologies, or achieve sustainable development through innovative business models," he added.

Over the past six months, participating startups were paired with suitable mentors for support and guidance on aspects such as prototyping, design, production, marketing, logistics and patent registration.

The second event of the program will be coming up soon, with smart city as the next theme.

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