Indonesian maid arrested for live streaming bathing children

December 05, 2017 15:47
Police have arrested a 28-year-old Indonesian domestic helper and detained her overnight on a charge of publishing child pornography.
Photos: HKEJ/i-Cable News/Internet

Police have arrested a 28-year-old Indonesian domestic helper after she was accused of live streaming three children in her care while bathing.

The maid, whose name was not disclosed, was taken to the police station on Monday evening and detained overnight on a charge of publishing child pornography.

According to a source, the incident took place at around 8 p.m. on Friday in a flat in City Garden in North Point.

As she was bathing her employer’s children, two boys and one girl aged 5 to 7, she broadcast the scene to her Facebook account for her friends to watch live, the source said.

In the 17-minute video clip, the maid is seen checking her smartphone multiple times, apparently to see if her phone was filming the scene and for any messsages from those watching.

She is heard denying she was filming them when asked by one of the children.

Learning what happened on Monday afternoon, the children’s mother called the police, who later came to the flat and arrested the maid.

Joan Tsui, convenor of Task Force on Foreign Helpers' Problems, said the maid violated the children's privacy, adding that the public has been concerned as similar incidents have happened before.

Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data Stephen Wong Kai-yi urged the public and domestic helpers to pay attention to privacy-related issues when filming with their smartphones.

Barrister Albert Luk Wai-hung said the woman committed at least two crimes -- access to a computer with criminal or dishonest intent and publishing child pornography.

Under the Prevention of Child Pornography Ordinance, anyone who publishes child pornography can get up to three years in prison and a HK$1 million fine upon summary conviction, or eight years in prison and a HK$2 million fine upon conviction on indictment.

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