Shenzhen conducts trials of self-driving buses

December 05, 2017 18:00
A self-driving bus undergoes trials in a Shenzhen bonded zone. The trial run was conducted on a 1.2-kilometer route with three stops. Photo: Xinhua

Self-driving buses have undergone trials in Shenzhen during the past weekend.

The trials involved four Alphabus driverless buses which operated in the bonded zone of Futian, state news agency Xinhua reports.

The smart buses were jointly developed by the National Intelligent Transport Systems Center of Engineering and Technology and Shenzhen Bus Group.

Smaller than an ordinary bus, the self-driving buses are equipped with lidar sensors, cameras and GPS antenna.

They can perform tasks including reducing speed, averting hitting pedestrians, vehicles and barriers automatically, changing lanes safely, as well as stopping at designated points.

For the trial operation, the buses ran on a 1.2-kilometer route with three stops.

Electronic payment was available. A driver was on stand-by to change the bus from self-driving to manual mode in case of emergency.

Technicians monitored the trials.

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